Chris Donis has represented hundreds of clients on everything from misdemeanor drug possession to serious felonies. He is a respected member of the Arizona legal community with a reputation for integrity and zealous, skilled representation. A criminal conviction can derail or even ruin your life, so we encourage potential clients to compare firms and choose a firm that they can trust. When searching for an attorney, be very cautious of those who promise guaranteed outcomes, have ambiguous/confusing fee structures or those who are difficult or impossible to simply talk to on the phone. At Donis Law, if we are not available when you call, we strive to return your call the same day or on the next business day. An attorney you can't get a hold of, isn't working for you. At Donis Law Your Case Is Our Case.


Mr. Donis, a UNITED STATES ARMY VETERAN, understands the importance of attention to detail and striving for perfection in all aspects of client representation. He will fight for you aggressively, passionately and competently with fierce legal knowledge, strategy and skill. But these aren't the only things that matter. A great attorney must also effectively communicate with clients and strive to understand their needs. Being accused of a crime may be one of the most stressful times in your life. We will stand beside you and help navigate this difficult maze with compassion and understanding.