Why should I choose Donis Law?

Your attorney has represented hundreds of clients on everything from misdemeanor drug possession to serious felonies such as terrorism. Mr. Donis is a respected member of the Arizona legal community with a reputation for integrity and zealous, skilled representation. A criminal conviction can derail or even ruin your life, so we encourage potential clients to compare firms and choose the attorney or firm that they feel is the best to guide them through this difficult time. Often, we are the best choice. Sometimes we may not be. But just remember, when searching for a lawyer be very cautious of attorneys who promise guaranteed outcomes, have ambiguous/confusing fee structures or those that are difficult or impossible to contact. At Donis Law, if we are not available when you call, we strive to return your call the same day or on the next business day. An attorney you can't get a hold of, isn't working for you. At Donis Law, Your Case Is Our Case.

How much do you charge?

When you choose Donis Law to represent you in your criminal case, you will be quoted a FLAT FEE up front. We do NOT charge by the hour, for phone calls or for emails. We consider the client a crucial part of the defense team. We don't believe you should be worried about how much a phone call or an email will cost you. We encourage open and productive communication with clients. That being said, it is impossible to estimate the cost of a case, as each case is unique with different facts, circumstances and available defenses.

I'm guilty, how can you defend me?

No you are not! Defendants are innocent until the prosecutor can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial or if the Defendant negotiates and accepts a plea agreement. There are many potential criminal defense strategies available, no matter how unfavorable the facts and the circumstances of the case appear to be.

Mistaken Identity: A witnesses identification is not always correct. This happens more often than one would expect.

A good criminal defense attorney may be able to prove that the act was accidental and not intentionally or knowingly undertaken.

Duress/Immediate Danger:
A crime may have occurred because the person believed they were in immediate risk of harm and their actions were made under duress.

An Alibi:
Can the defendant prove that they were somewhere else when the crime occurred?

Was a normal law-abiding citizen intimidated, coerced or persuaded to violate the law?

Police Misconduct:
It happens. Law enforcement might be convinced a suspect is guilty and engages in misconduct to build a stronger case. A skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to identify and prove police misconduct.

False Confession
: Mental and physical strategies may be used by law enforcement to force a false confession.

Motion to Suppress:
 The prosecution may be unable to use illegally obtained evidence or statements.

Probable Cause: 
Did law enforcement have a reason to stop the defendant? To search? To arrest? If not, the State may be prohibited from using the evidence at trial.

A Mistake of Fact:
The crime may have been made accidentally and honestly.

Self Defense:  
There may have been force used against an intruder, but it must be reasonable and proportionate to the harm reasonably feared. Therefore there is a valid defense if you believe that you or another person face imminent danger and you only use as much force as is reasonably necessary to alleviate that danger.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: 
The beyond reasonable doubt standard requires that the evidence is so convincing that the Jury or the Judge must be "FIRMLY CONVINCED" that each element of the crime charged has been proven. This strict burden of proof requires that the Judge or Jury find that the evidence offered no logical explanation or conclusion other than the defendant committed the crime. This strict standard favors the defendant since the defense has to merely establish a reasonable doubt about any of the key elements required for the crime to succeed. Good criminal defense lawyers often impress upon juries that thinking the defendant committed the crime is not sufficient for a conviction. They must be firmly convinced after considering all the facts that there is no doubt remaining and only one logical conclusion is left: the defendant is guilty.

The Bottom Line: 
Every case is unique and the best criminal defense attorney will weigh all these factors to develop a defense that will be in your best interest. You need a lawyer that will provide the best standard of legal representation and personal attention. At Donis Law our focus will be on making sure you make it out of your case with your profession, your family, and your future intact.